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Sunday Morning Prayer

"Quiet Thoughts"
by Kristin Peura

Gracious Lord, it is early Sunday morning. The sun rises out of the mists of darkness, birthing the day. Birds call to each other and their songs call me to contemplation. The house is quiet, the household still asleep and the coffee, unmade. There is no need yet to think about getting ready for church this morning. No one stirs here except You within me. This time we spend together at the start of the day is a precious gift that You pour into my heart as I pray, as I listen and as I write.

I have been struggling lately with feelings of guilt that I may be unintentionally harming another through my actions and thoughts. Then, moments of your holy grace descend on me in much the same way that an unexpected kindness from another blesses me and causes ripples of your love to be loosed into life.

Lord Jesus Christ, your Spirit dwells in me anew each day as I open myself, my mind, my body and my heart of hearts to you. Into that place within me where you dwell in secrecy and are often hidden even from my inwardly looking eyes, you become my prayer from eternity into eternity. You surround me with light, with hope and with the knowledge that through faith I may accomplish that which you would have me do and be the person you would have me be, intimately knowing your unfathomable love.

Each day is a new opportunity to live in hope, even as I embrace the peace you offer while struggling with my humanity. Forgiveness is here, now within my grasp in focusing my eyes on the cross where the blood which you shed floods me clean. Gracious God, blend in me the quiet of the morning, the activity of the day, rest in the evening and the love I sense all the day long so that I may open the compassionate arms of Jesus Christ to all who cross my path today. Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on me. Amen