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David Allan Peura

Chef David and Excerpts from David's Cookbook
David's Cookbook Published 2009

David Awarded Friedenwald Medal, May 9, 2011 Article in Gastro June 2011
Office of the Dean - Friedenwald Announcement UVa
UVa Announcement - Friedenwald Medal to be Awarded at DDW
Presented at DDW by AGA President, Ian Taylor

Presidential Address May 22, 2006 DDW Los Angeles
DDW 2006 Family Photos

AGA Monthly Letters from the President
New York Times Article July 12, 2005
Interview with AGA President from Gastro.or
David's Biography in "Gastroenterology" May 2005
UVa Announces Peura AGA Presidency
David Assumes
AGA Presidency May 17, 2005
David's AGA President-Elect Speech Chicago DDW May 17, 2005
AGA Lecture in Badajoz, Espańa Ralph Giannella and David Peura - Hoy 6/10/2005
AGA members converge on Capitol Hill for Advocacy Day Dec 2004
The Distinguished
Educator of the Year Award - AGA


Barry Marshall Wins Nobel Prize! October 3, 2005
See our trip to Stockholm, December 5-14, 2005

David and Barry - Franklin Award 1999
Korea - September 2005
Far East Trip May/June 2005 (Pictures)
David Named
Master of the ACG November, 2004

Targeting and Treating the Entire Spectrum Severe to Mild Acid Related Disorders Audio and Slides March 2004
Video of David - UVa Dept of Gastroenterology (MPG File)
A Gastroenterologist at the
University of Virginia Medical Center
UVa Honors its Own
Assessing Digestive Disease Research and Treatment Opportunities
Chairman, Heartburn Alliance
Prime Time Thursday ABC March 18, 2004
UVa Top Daily News December 13, 2003
UVA HealthTalk, Winter 2003
Kenny Rogers Doesn't Gamble With Heartburn
Panel Backs Over-the-Counter Prilosec
 Eat Out with Heartburn
The Weighty Side of Heartburn
Smart Meals May Keep Heartburn At Bay
Help for Heartburn
Acid Reflux and Ulcers
Keeping the Holidays Heartburn-Free
Postgraduate Medicine: Peptic Ulcer Disease Symposium: Scope and consequences of peptic ulcer disease
Prevacid Clearance For Duodenal Ulcers
DG DISPATCH - AAPM: Differentiating Coxibs From Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
Tylenol study rips rival drugs
Americans Need Education To Extinguish the Flames of Heartburn
1996_01 | Say Goodbye to Ulcers, Say Hello to Savings